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Diaper cakes flower Welcome Guest! Would you like to log in? Or would you prefer to create an account?
We add new items every week, so please visit us often.

Diaper cakes

D flower Diaper cakes are unique, creative and practical Baby Shower Gifts, which can be used as Centerpieces or Table Decorations. Diaper Cake is perfect for Arrival of Newborn, and can be given to new parents anytime after the baby is born. All diaper cake ingredients can be used for new baby boy or baby girl. On time shipping and customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

D flower We welcome custom orders, where you have a choice of selecting everything from the size of the diapers to the colors and size of the cake. Do not see exactly what you want? Just ask us, and we will be happy to make it for you. We do short notice custom orders.

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Our professionally designed diaper cakes are made from disposable diapers, we use baby items to construct or enhance the shape. Blankets, bibs, hooded towels, washcloths, bottles and socks are mostly used items in our creations. We use toys to provide an additional cuteness or a wow factor.

Looking for a practical baby shower gift, table decoration or a baby shower centerpiece that is guaranteed to be remembered? You came to the right place! Every diaper cake we make would be amazing, unique and thoughtful gift for Mom-to-be, it will brighten a hospital room, tell a colleague or a client how much you appreciate them, and can even be used at a baby shower as a fun game (guess-how-many-diapers).

With an average of 8-10 changes a day, diaper cakes are newborn gift you just can not go wrong with! Although we have to admit - a lot of our diaper cakes were never taken apart and still adore babys rooms.

Our cakes look real and good to eat!
There is one question posted to us on regular bases:
How many people does the cake serve?
Reply: As many as would be willing to chew on diapers!

We take pride in our designs and workmanship!

Our cakes will not fall apart during shipping, in fact they are so sturdy that they can be turned upside down and sideways.

Everything used to make our unique cakes is 100% usable - we use no glue, or tape, or pins that can damage diapers. We do not unfold diapers, we make sure that every diaper is as fresh and usable as it was the moment it came from the package.

We use trusted names such as Huggies, Luvs and Pampers in our cakes. If you have a preference for a particular brand, please ask - we will gladly use your choice.

We use size 1 (8lb - 14lb) or 1-2 (up to 15lb) because it fits most babies the longest (average baby weighs 7lb at birth). The baby who was born small will grow into them, the bigger baby will not outgrow them too soon. It also allows the cake to be enjoyed a little longer before mommy has to take it apart.

We use size 4 for "First Birthday" cakes.

If requested, we will substitute for the other sizes.

We use GUND, KELLY, RUSS and other baby and kids toys for a lot of our creations. If you want to use one of the toys we sell instead, we will be happy to make the substitution. If you see a product we sell (i.e. GUND Blanket, GUND Hooded Towel) and want us to design a special gift using it - we will be happy to accommodate.

We welcome your special requests diaper cake ideas for baby boys and baby girls.We do not charge for custom orders, purchase only if you like it - we will create a unique gift for you and send you pictures!

We do not charge extra for expedited handling - if we can accommodate your time frame, we will at no additional cost to you!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!

Our diaper cakes are hand made for each purchase. If the cake comes out any different than the picture on the site, we will send you pictures of how your item came out prior to shipping. You will have an opportunity to make changes to your item, request a different product or cancel your order for a full refund.

Read What Others Are Saying

4-Wheeler diaper cake by Lindsay G. from Houston, Texas
pixel I ordered this diaper cake for my friend's baby shower. The staff was so helpful in making it the colors that matched our shower. I was excited about receiving this and when I did, I fell even more in love with it! It was perfect and exactly as pictured. I cannot thank this website enough for all of the help given to me, and I cannot wait to recommend others to use this site! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! pixel
Tricycle diaper cake by Marcia J. from New York, NY
The diaper cake is adorable and I love it. It's even better in person than the pictures which were very good.
Pink and Yellow Tricycle diaper cake by Sharon R. from Dalas,TX
pixel_trans Tricycle diaper cake is beautiful. I have never seen anything like it before. It definitely beats the traditional diaper cakes. I showed it to many people and they loved it. The Diaper Tricycle is just as pictured.pixel_trans
Baby carriage diaper cake by Quenta G. from Los Angeles, CA
pixel_trans I ordered this item for my sister's baby shower and not only did they go out of their way to ensure timely receipt of this diaper cake, they also were very helpful in other ways as well.
The cake was a hit at the party and my sister adores the carriage so much that I don't think she'll use the diapers ever!
Safari carriage diaper cakes by April H. from San Francisco, CA
pixel_trans I received my Safari diaper carriage and my personalized baby carriage favors. All were beautiful, in my personalized color scheme, and made to the exact specifications I ordered. The staff was very friendly and helpful to my every need. Arrived packaged well and looked very nice. I am extremely impressed and will recommend to all my friends!! I look forward to showing your stuff off to my baby shower guests!!! Thanks so much for helping to make my baby shower the best memory ever! :) pixel_trans
Train diaper cake by Sharon H. from Chicago, IL
pixel_trans These are the most amazing diaper cakes I have ever seen. They are so much better in person even though that seems impossible. The details are breathtaking. Everyone was raving about my gift.
Everything looks great. The centerpieces choo choo train and Tricycle were a big hit. Thanks
Pink Bicycle diaper cake by Jenny K. from Atlanta, GA
pixel_trans The pink bicycle diaper cake is adorable, and nicely wrapped in netting. The bike had the exact colors I was looking for. I had my order within a few days. Very pleased with my purchase! Thank you. pixel_trans
Boy Little Car diaper cake by Maria R. from Tampa FL
pixel_trans I just received this boy Little car diaper cake. It's even better in person. It's huge and very unique. It really look like a car down to the front grill, doorhandles, headlights,side mirrors and wheels. stunning is the word that comes to mind! This was the talk of the party, everyone couldn't get enough time looking at it. A very special gift and the fastest shipment ever. Thanks I will be back! pixel_trans
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